Check out a list below of just some of the Sports & Activities we run on our Holiday Clubs and why they make our Clubs so popular & fun!

Each day we timetable our club and the activities can be viewed on our memo board in our arrival area.

Some activities will be team activities we do together as a group, others are choice activities where Children have the opportunity to pick what they do throughout the day in small groups and some activites are age related


The most popular sport with the Children. Dodgeball is a great way to get the day started!


Another hugely popular team game. A great test of team work & tactical decisions!


A real test of accuracy for all ages. Soft Archery is a fantastic opportunity to try a new sport!

Capture The Flag

The amazing outdoor spaces of our venues make Capture The Flag even more fun! A brilliant team activity


Skills sessions & small sided matches. Be sure to pack your boots & shin pads!

Pad Boxing

A new activity to our Clubs with our Boxing Coach Lee. This has proved extremely popular with The Children & a great chance to improve balance, coordination & movement


A new activity to our Clubs and one that has proved hugely popular! Play various team challenges in Nerf Wars. All safety and Nerf equipment provided by us!


Always a popular choice. We offer skills challenges & mini match play during Tennis Sessions


Vast playing fields make Cricket super fun! Play small sided matches and batting, bowling and fielding challenges.


Our Cycling Days are special one off days and you can find more info on our Cycling Days Page


A great team sport for all ages. Learn how to improve control, movement, shooting & passing before participating in small sided games!

Tag Rugby

Learn the principles of Rugby through fun, non contact challenges. Be sure to pack your boots!

Ultimate Frisbee

A real test of catching, movement and team work as well as mastering the art of throwing a frisbee in this great team game!

Mini Olympics

Running races, Javelin, Vortex & Jumping Challenges. Compete in Teams to become Olympic Champions!


Have FUN moving to music through story telling and creating team routines!

Team Games & More

We are always coming up with great new team games and challenges to keep our clubs new & exciting!