Coronavirus Measures

This page is dedicated to giving Parents and Carers the latest and up to date information on our policies surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it affects our Business moving forwards specifically with our Holiday and After School Clubs.

We want to give Customers peace of mind when booking with us that we are taking the safety of Children, Staff and Parents into account which of course is our number one priority. This page will be updated reguarly when official guidance changes.


These measures are entirely designed to keep your Children and our Staff safe during the Holidays which is our number one priority. We are aware these measures may seem a little strict and restrictive of the normal way our Clubs would function but it is the only way forward for us to provide our services this Summer. We know Children will still have a brilliant time with us and an awesome Summer Club experience. Please see our updated measures below… 

- Reduced Numbers of Children with Children split into “Bubble Groups” at each venue 

- Each Bubble will be working with a designated Instructor for the day and will not come into contact with the other Bubble. 

- Bubble Groups will have no more than 15 children in each group & we will try to keep the groups as consitant as possible.

 - Children will be assigned a bubble based on the following criteria… 
           - Siblings- Children will be kept in a bubble with any siblings 
           - Friends- as we know most of The Children that will be attending we will try our best to ensure they are with friends when assigning bubbles 
           - Schools- Children from the same School will be kept in the same bubble as much as possible 
           - Days Booked- Children that are booked for the week or a number of days during the week will be assigned a bubble together to keep the groups consistent 

- We will be taking no requests for Children to be in certain Bubble Groups. The admin for doing this would be too much. Please remember we are trying our best to create a safe and fun environment with the guidance that we must adhere to. 

- Separate changing rooms or places to leave belongings for each Bubble

- Any Children displaying Coronavirus Symptoms will be isolated and Parents will be called straight away. You will need to pick your Child up as soon as possible and will not be able to return to Club until your Child has been tested negative for Covid-19. We would need to see proof of the negative test 

- If your Child or anyone within your Household has been displaying symptoms of Covid-19 please DO NOT bring your child to our Club. We urge people to get a test and follow official governent guidelines if the test returns positivie.  

- If a Child within our Club is tested positive for Covid-19 we will ask that Child, the Children within their bubble and the staff member with whom they have worked with to Self Isolate for a minimum of 10 days if they are deemed a close contact of that person in relation to Department of Health Guidelines. We will reopen Club after it has been deep cleaned for the unaffected bubbles. All Parents will be notified immediately if their child needs to self isolate.

- We kindly ask parents to inform us straight away if your child tests positive for Covid-19 (if they have attended our club while showing symptoms or 2 days before showing symptoms) so we can contact relevent Parents to inform them that their child needs to self isolate straight away.

- If your Child has been asked to Self Isolate and cannot attend Club we will not be able to refund any missed sessions. This falls in line with our Cancellation Policy which can be viewed HERE

- We will be choosing activities that require minimal to no contact with other Children 

- Contact Free drop off and collection- no need to sign in or out 

- Parents and Carers will not be permitted to enter the building at any point during sign in and out time. Please wait patiently outside whilst we bring your Child to you

- Regular hand washing, sanitising of equipment and surfaces throughout the day 

- Being outdoors as much as possible 

- Full PPE is available to our Staff

- 2m spaced queuing system when dropping Children off in the morning. Please stand on the round floor markers and move forward when the person in from moves forward 

- Please note during drop off time the Lead Coach will greet the Children and then take them to their group before welcoming the next Child. This may take a little while longer than our usual sign in procedures and we thank Parents for the patience in advance. With reduced groups sizes the queue will be smaller than usual. We will do our best to open just before 8.30am where possible. 


We will be starting our After School Clubs up again in September. We will be adhering to official Government Guidance as well as working closely with our Schools to provide fun yet safe Clubs for Children and our Staff. Below are some of the measures we will be taking...

- Keep Children within their group bubbles within each lesson and minimise their contact with other bubbles. When working in groups or teams use bubble groups.

- Class Teachers/ Teaching Assistants to bring Children within their bubble to the session rather than collecting the whole group prior to the session from classrooms or designated meeting points

- Children to get changed in Classrooms within their bubble prior to starting Clubs or if they need to get changed at club ensure they are only getting changed with their bubble group

- Regular Hand Washing Breaks- Children must wash hands prior to starting club, once during club and once after club prior to dismissal.

- Be outdoors as much as possible and only use indoor space during bad weather

- If indoors keep all doors open within designated area club is taking place to limit touching of surfaces. Ventilate room by keeping windows open

- Use minimal equipment and if equipment has been used ensure it is thoroughly cleaned afterwards and Children have regularly washed hands

- Keep Parents informed of our Covid-19 Measures in relation to after school clubs and ask them to 2m apart from each other when collecting their Child at the end of the session

- Children will be dismissed in socially distant lines one after the other.

- Staff member sets up and packs away equipment with no help from Children

- Provide PPE for Staff for when they need to administer first aid