We pride ourselves on providing the best possible Physical Education Lessons to Primary aged Children, aiming to exceed National Curriculum guidelines to ensure every PE Lesson brings a positive impact to every Child.

At ACE we are only too aware of the positive health & social impacts a well strucuted PE Programme can have on Participants and we are now gaining clear evidence that our PE Programmes are improving Physical Education accross each School we work with.

The increased PE & Sport Premium for Schools brings with it an added pressure to the Schools from the Government to ensure PE is sustainable and having a long term positive impact not only to the Children but also to Teaching Staff as well.

That is why we have now focused on working alongside Teaching Staff to deliver lessons with the aim of increasing their confidence and competance in delivering a high quality PE lesson.

Lead by Head Coach, Charlie McEvoy, a Level 5 PE Specialist we are now working closely with PE Coordinators from Schools, writing PE Programmes that include Curriculum Maps, Units of Work and Tracking & Assesment Criteria- all with the aim of having that positive & sustainable impact!

Check out the map below to see the Schools we are currently working with along with testimonials from Teaching Staff & Parents.

If you would like to book a FREE Consultation & PE Lesson for your School then please get in touch.

We are on The Hampshire County Council Commerical Providers Database