Holiday Clubs & Inset Days

We understand that booking your Child into a Holiday Club for a whole day can be a daunting prospect.

That's why we created this page- which will hopefully answer the most frequently asked questions.

If you need any further info we have not covered then please feel free to get in touch.

Opening Times & Pricing

  • All Clubs are open from 8.30am to 4.30pm (Standard Times)
  • You can drop off anytime from 8.30 to 9.15am and collect between 4.00 & 4.30pm
  • Not a problem if you need to drop off later or collect earlier- just let us know on the day!
  • We offer an Extended Day option to 5.30pm (advanced booking required) for an additional £5.00 per Child
  • Standard day price is £25.00 per day or £110 if booking a full 5 day week
  • A 5% discount is available for any additional Siblings
  • LATE COLLECTIONS... Please ensure your Child is collected at or before the designated collection time as stated in your Confirmation Email. Failure to do so will result in a fine. 


 We will charge… 

£10 if collected anytime after the designated collection time. 

£10 for every 10 minutes late thereafter. 

This is to cover unplanned staff overtime 




Our staff are a team made up of fully trained...



  • Sports Coaches
  • Teachers
  • PE Specialists
  • Sports Students



All staff are internally trained, DBS checked and have a vast experience in working with Children in Schools & during Holiday Clubs

Cancellation Policy




  • You can cancel your Child's place and receive a full refund up to exactly 4 weeks before the Holiday Season starts 
  • We will not be able to issue a refund or add credit notes for future bookings anytime after 4 weeks before the Holiday Season starts
  • We can however change your booking to another date within the same Holiday Club Season should we be able to find one that suits & is available 
  • The reason we cannot refund cancellations anytime after 4 weeks before the Holiday Season starting is that we need to sort staff ratios out according to the number of booked Children and the age of those children well in advance of the Clubs starting 
  • The term 'Holiday Season' is the first day of a particular School Holidays e.g. first day of the Easter Holidays.
  • For our February 2022 Holiday Clubs the last day we can cancel and refund/credit a booking is Sunday 23rd January 2022 at 23:59. This date and time forms the "cut off date" for cancellations. We cannot process credit notes for any cancellation beyond the above date
  • If a Child is ill during or within the "cut off date" before The Holidays or if any circumstances change that mean they cannot attend we cannot apply a refund or credit note for any missed sessions.
  •  If we are forced to cancel further Clubs due to Covid-19 restrictions we will automatically apply credit to all Customers accounts for the exact sum of their booking which can be used for future Club bookings.
  • If your Child has to Self Isolate due to COVID-19 and they will miss any booked sessions during the time period of Isolation we cannot refund or credit any missed sessions as this is a matter out of our control. We are doing everything we can do to protect our business which is being constantly damaged by the effects of the pandemic. We want to be here to offer our clubs beyond this summer which is why we are taking a tough stance on cancellations and self isolation issues.




  • You can cancel your Child's place on an After School Club and receive a full refund up to exactly 3 weeks before the After School Club Term is due to commence
  • We will not be able to issue a refund or add credit notes for future bookings anytime after 3 weeks before the new term of the specific After School Club begins
  • If a Child is ill during the course of the duration of the After School Club Term or if any circumstances change that mean they cannot attend we cannot apply a refund or credit note for any missed sessions.
  • If your Child is asked to Self Isolate due to COVID-19 and they will miss any booked sessions during the time period of isolation we cannot refund or credit any missed sessions as this is a matter out of our control.


What to pack


Please ensure your Child is packed with the following...



  • Suitable clothing for sports & activities such as t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms etc
  • Suitable footwear is essential- Trainers only
  • Football boots & shin pads can be packed in a bag and worn in football and tag rugby sessions
  • Rain jackets can be packed in the event of poor weather however if weather is severe we will be indoors
  • Cycling helmets are essential on 'Cycling Days'- Children will not be allowed to cycle without them
  • Children will need to be packed with a water bottle & packed lunch
  • We request no nuts or food containing nuts to be packed in lunch boxes
  • All of this information will also be in your email confirmation upon booking


Voucher Schemes



  • Unfortunatley we do not accept any Childcare vouchers as payment
  • This is because we would need to register as a Child Care Company and our main focus is on Teaching PE Lessons & Sports Coaching Sessions during the Holidays.
  • Despite not being an official Childcare Company we still stick to Ofsted guidelines of Child to Instructor ratios
  • Not being registered to Ofsted as an official Childcare Company allows us to take Year R Pupils on our Holiday Clubs



Behaviour Management Policy


Information for Schools, Clubs and Parents.



  • Whilst working in Schools, ACE Sports & Education Staff and Volunteers will ensure that they adopt any Behaviour Management/Disciplinary Sanctions that the School may already have in place to ensure we are sticking to ‘Current School Ethos’ and to ensure continuity in all Subjects.
  • ACE Sports & Education Staff Members will work closely with any Child Participants, Schools/Clubs and Teaching Staff to ensure they are working together to establish a clear set of ground rules whilst Sports Sessions are active.
  • These will be periodically reviewed and any new Participants can have a say on what the ground rules are and if any new rules can be added in the future.
  • ACE Sports & Education would like to make it clear that poor or threatening behaviour from any Participants will not be tolerated and that the Safety of all Participants involved is our paramount responsibility.
  • Poor or threatening behaviour consists of physical violence, verbal bullying, any form of discrimination, purposeful damaging of ACE Sports & Education and/or School equipment and use of inappropriate language such as swearing
  • If a Child/Participant is displaying any signs of threatening behaviour and is putting the rest of the groups Safety at threat, then they will be removed from the Session.
  • If not abiding by a School or Clubs Behaviour Management System then we will adopt our own 3 Warning System. 1- Participant is spoken to and asked to stop any inappropriate behaviour and will be encouraged to find ways to improve their behaviour. 2- If the participant continues, they will be asked to sit out (whilst supervised) for a small part of the Session to contemplate their actions and to see how they can improve. 3- If the Participant is still not abiding by the rules set, on their third warning they will be asked to sit out the remainder of the Session and if appropriate they may miss further Sessions. Parents and Teaching Staff will be informed.
  • ACE Sports & Education Staff will avoid shouting/raised voices at work unless it is necessary to halt a potentially serious incident.
  • ACE Sports & Education Staff will facilitate regular and open discussions with children about their behaviour where possible, using the most appropriate communication methods. This will help them to understand the inappropriate aspects of their behaviour and enable them to have their say, and help them to think through the causes and effects of their actions.
  • ACE Sports & Education Staff will try to discuss concerns with parents/carers at the earliest opportunity where appropriate. Children have the right to keep some issues confidential and to try to work through them via the Child/Coach relationship in an attempt to help to identify the causes of discriminatory or uncooperative behaviour and share strategies for dealing with it.
  • Children who experience or witness bullying, any form of discrimination or other unacceptable behaviour will be supported and helped to develop confidence.
  • Our Behaviour Management Policies apply to both Staff/Volunteers representing ACE Sports & Education and the Children/Participants involved in our Sports Coaching Sessions.




Further Info



  • The age range of our Holiday Clubs is Year 1 to Year 8
  • We do cater for Children with Disabilities & Learning Difficulties. Please get in touch to discuss further. Children with a Gateway Card can access 1:1 support on our Clubs subject to funding
  • We cannot accept Children onto our Clubs that have yet to start School
  • Copies of our Behaviour Management & Child Protection Policies can be viewed in our sign in area on request
  • Lost property is kept at our office for 3 weeks before being sent to charity clothing collections. You can claim lost property by calling 02381 842093
  • If you need any further information please get in touch





If you feel you are not satified with a service you have received from us then we would like to formally here from you in writing.

Please email Charlie at acesportsdevelopment@gmail.com and we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible to help resolve your issue.

A copy of our complaints policy can be viewed on request.


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