Data Protection & Privacy Policy

The Policy has been written and published by ACE Sports & Education, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 to offer Customers of our Business a clear indication of the Personal Data that we collect, how it is stored and how it is used both on Computers & through paper filing.

The aim of our updated policy is to provide Customers with more transparency and control of how we store, control & share data.

This Policy has been broken down into two sections. The first being for Individual Customers that use our services for Extra Curricular Sports Clubs and the second being for Schools that use our Physical Education & School Sports Services.

Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

Relevant to ACE Sports & Education Holiday Clubs & After School Sports Clubs

When booking onto an extra Curricular Sports Club the Customer (Parent, Career or Legal Guardian) will provide information about themselves and their Child/Children who will be attending the club. The Personal Data we collect here provides a vital tool in attaining whether a Child can attend our clubs and whether we need to provide an extra care for that individual.

For a Childwe will collect the following data through online booking forms and telephone bookings...

Child’s Full Name- This is so we can add the Child to our club registers to ensure we have a record by name of every individual. This register is then used to enable Parents to sign in their Child, give ACE Sports & Education staff a register of which Children are attending the club on a specific day and also provide us with a register that can be taken during an emergency evacuation e.g. a fire alarm or drill to ensure every Child is present.

This information is stored on our registers on our main and only office computer and we also keep paper copies that will appear at a given club and which will then be filed in our office indefinitely.

Child’s Date of Birth- We collect this data so that we can attain whether an individual Child meets the minimum required age to attend our Clubs. Although we are not Ofsted registered we do use Ofsted guidelines when assigning our Staff to a Clubs so using Date of Birth Information is vital to ensuring we are operating at the correct Staff to Child ratio. Date of Birth Information also helps us to group some activities on our clubs based on age.

This information is stored on our registers on our main and only office computer and we also keep paper copies that will appear at a given club and which will then be filed at our office indefinitely.

Details of Children’s Medical Conditions- This data is collected to ensure we are doing all we can in supporting an individual that may need extra support. We need to have full disclosure of any medical conditions that could effect a Child’s participation in sport or physical activity. We also need to be made aware of any medication needs that we may be able to support with and permission of how and when to administer any medicine. This information is collected through online booking forms and detailed medical and consent forms along with administering medicine forms where appropriate. All forms are paper copies and are filed within our office.

Photographs- We occasionally take photographs during our Extra Curricular Sports Clubs. These can be taken with devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones and tablet computers. Photographs can sometimes show Children that have been attending our clubs participating in activities.

Children that appear in photographs have been photographed because Parents/Guardians/Carers have given written permission during the signing in procedure when arriving at a given club by signing our ‘Photo Permission Form’.

If a form indicates a Parent/Guardian/Carer does not want a photograph to be taken of their Child or if the form simply has not been signed then no photos will be taken of that Child.

Paper copies of our Photo Permission forms are filed at our office indefinitely.

Photographs can be used and stored on our website, social media pages and within our main and only office computer files. Photographs are only taken of Children participating in relevant sporting activities and are shared to show Customers and potential new Customers of the range of activities and sports that Children can participate in during our Extra Curricular Clubs.

Accident & Incident Forms- In the event of an accident or incident we will record all details on our ‘Accident & Incident report forms’ so that Parents/Guardians/Carers of the Child reported on have full details of the accident or incident that includes how it has occurred, what measures we have taken to relive any symptoms or stress, the full detailed report of any injuries and advice to the Parent/Guardian/Carer on monitoring any injuries or illnesses or whether they should seek further advice from Medical Professionals. This information is recorded and stored on our ‘Accident & Incident Report Forms’ and we keep them filed at our office indefinitely.

Parents/Guardians/Carers are offered a copy of the ‘Accident & Incident Form’ when signing their Child out of the club.

For the Customer, we take the following data through telephone and online booking forms…

Parent Names, Emergency Contact Numbers & Address Details-We record this information so that we have a means of contacting a Parent during an urgent or non-urgent situation regarding their Child or Children that have been left in our care on an extra curricular club.

We collect this data through online booking forms and our paper ‘medical & consent forms’ that we keep filed in our office indefinitely.

Email Addresses- We acquire email addresses of all customers and keep them in a database filed within in our main and only office computer. This database is used as a means of keeping customers up to date with our latest clubs and offers. Should a Customer no longer want to be on our database they should let us know in writing by sending us an email requesting to be removed from our database. We will then ensure the Customers email address is removed and they will no longer be contacted.

Payment Information- You may provide us with payment information,including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address, in order to book your Child onto an Extra Curricular Club. Payments are processed through our secure Worldpay Payment Portal and no payment information is stored on our own computers. Full card details are not stored on our Worldpay Payment Portal. ACE Sports & Education meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are PCI Compliant.

School Data Acquired- Physical Education & School Sport

We collect very little data from Schools when working with them directly. The only information we collect and store is email addresses of both Admin Offices and School Staff. This is stored within our office computer and email account.

Email addresses are stored so that we can contact staff from a specific school directly and efficiently when needed.

We collect no data or information on Pupils when teaching Physical Education. Any Pupil information when conducting assessments, registers or grouping for lessons is kept on school site and not taken away.

We do collect information for extra curricular clubs that are held at Schools. Please see the ‘Extra Curricular Clubs’ section above for full information.

Data Sharing

We do not share any data or personal information with any Third Party Providers, Partners or Associates.

Data and Personal Information is viewed by ACE Sports & Education Staff only.

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